Neonatology Centre

A.LiubsysHead of the Centre: Arunas Liubsys, M.D., Ph.D.
Tel: +370 272 01 67

The Centre is Comprised of: 

* The Newborn Department
* The Newborn Intensive Therapy Department

About the Centre

Neonatology Centre was originally established as a clinic in 1991. The Centre now serves all of Lithuania. Specially trained teams, equipped with unique and modern transport equipment, safely and efficiently bring newborns from across the country quickly to the Centre.

The Centre provides emergency care for newborns. A wide range of specialists ranging from neonatologists, opthalmologists, cardiologists and child development specialists as well as others, are all on hand for the consultation and treatment of patients.

Some of the Neonatology Centre’s main scientific research areas include foetal and newborn cardiology and intensive therapy of newborns, among others.

The Centre’s staff are constantly upgrading and improving their professional skills. They also organize and present at various international and Lithuanian science conferences. Medical students from Vilnius University as well as students from Vilnius College both study at the Centre.


Head of The Newborn Department: Rimute Vaitkeviciene
Head of The Newborn Intensive Therapy Department: Rasa Garunkstiene, M.D., Ph.D.

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