Orthopaedics and Traumatology Centre

K.SaniukasHead of the Centre: Kestutis Saniukas, Assoc. Prof., MD, PhD
Tel: +370 5 272 0224
E-mail: kestutis.saniukas@vuvl.lt

The Centre is Comprised of two Departments and two Surgery Sections:

* The Children’s Orthopaedics Department
* The Children’s Traumatology Department
* The Children’s Burn and Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery Sections

About the Centre

The Orthopaedics and Traumatology Centre is to treat children under the age of 18 years of age for serious injuries (trauma, orthopaedics, plastic surgery and neurosurgery). The orthopaedics and trauma specialists at the Centre maintain a strong reputation throughout Lithuania as well as abroad.

Every year the Orthopaedics Department treats over 1,500 children and performs 1,000 operations. In addition the department carries out nearly 9,500 consultations every year.

The Traumatology Department treats about 3,000 children per year while the Neurosurgery Section performs complex operations for patients with brain injuries, vertebral fractures and congenital malformations. In 2009, the very first facial and cranial, frontal part correction operation in Lithuania was performed by a team headed by the neurosurgeon Gintaras Migauskas on a one year old boy.

The medical doctors at the Centre have all participated in various training courses and earned qualifications in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland and Latvia. They have also presented scientific papers in numerous international conferences in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, France, Austria, China and South Africa.

The Traumatology Department maintains close ties with various Lithuania-American charities and support organizations, such as the “Lithuanian Children’s Hope”. Every year, J. Domanskis, a foremost plastic surgeon from the US, consults at the Centre.

Prof. John Lubicky from the Indiana Medical University Hospital and Prof. Terry Light from Loyola University likewise visit the Centre annually to consult and operate as well as help procure equipment for The Orthopaedics Department.

Medical students from Vilnius University as well as students from Vilnius College both study at the Centre.


Head of the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Centre: Kestutis Saniukas
Head of the Orthopaedics Department: Sarunas Bernotas
Head of the Traumatology Department: Jonas Vencius
Head of the Chidren’s Burn and Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery Section: Dainius Gelezauskas
Head of the Neurosurgery Section: Gintaras Migauskas