Paediatrics emergency, intensive care and anaesthesiology centre

V.ZilinskaiteHead of the Centre: Virginija Zilinskaite, Assoc. Prof., M.D.
Tel: +370 5 272 0571

The Centre is Comprised of:

* The Emergency Department
* The Paediatric Intensive Care Department
* The Paediatric Anaesthesiology Department and Operating Theatre

About the Centre

An independent children’s anaesthesiology department was originally founded in 1978. Currently, operations are performed in eight modern, re-equipped operating theatres which adhere to European and international standards.

The Centre has a likewise modern post-operative care ward. Following an operation, patients are typically placed under observation a full 24 hours.

Procedures and analysis are carried out in a series of well equipped procedural/examination rooms.

The anaesthesiologists – reanimatologists, aneasthesia and intensive care nurses, along with resident doctors and other staff working at the Centre perform over 8,000 anaesthesia procedures annually.

Thanks to the First Children’s Intensive Therapy Subdivision Valerijus Karmanovas initiative, during the 1985-1991 period, the Paediatric Intensive Care Department services were extended to include blood clearance and renal replacement therapy procedures. Presently, blood clearance and renal replacement therapy procedures are carried performed daily.

Residents are taught at the Centre and there are ongoing courses to improve the abilities of both doctors and nurses. Scientific research is performed at the Centre and focuses on children’s poly-trauma, severe sepsis and septic shock, renal replacement therapy, extracorporeal detoxification and children’s asneasthesia complications.

Ongoing exchange of information and sharing of expertise with foreign doctors has had a very significant impact for both doctor anaesthesiologists-reanimatologists and as well as for anaesthesia and intensive care nurses.


Head of The Intensive Care and Anaesthesiology Centre: Virginija Zilinskaite
Head of The Paediatric Intensive Therapy Department: Vilmanta Burokiene
Head of The Paediatric Anaesthesiology Department and Operating Theatre: Vidunas Daugelavicius