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aboutLocated in Vilnius, the Children’s Hospital provides the highest level of comprehensive care for young patients ranging from infant newborns up to 18 year olds. Diagnosis and treatment, including surgeries and rehabilitation services are delivered by the best trained team of child health care specialists working in Lithuania today.With a staff of 277 Doctors and 598 nurses, about 30,000 children are admitted and treated in the 598 bed in-patient department, while an additional 206,000 are seen on an outpatient basis.With eight newly equipped operating theatres ensuring the highest standards of safety and positive outcomes, more than 8,000 urgent and elective surgeries are performed annually.The over 130 top paediatricians, orthopaedics – traumatologists, and surgeons who consult at the Children’s Hospital are constantly improving their qualifications in hospitals, clinics and institutes throughout Europe and the world.

Thanks to financial support from Lithuanian National Funding sources, as well as the European Union Structural Funds, various private sponsors and fund raising efforts on the part of hospital staff, the hospital is being continually modernized. With modern facilities and the latest in equipment, continuously improved testing, diagnostic and treatment methods are can be provided.

The Children’s Hospital has the only specialized Neonatology Centre in Lithuania and has achieved impressive results. Of the 300 newborns treated each year in the Newborn Intensive Care Department, 95% of premature babies survive. The youngest baby saved to date weighed only 493 grams. The Newborn Emergency Team brings the most serious cases from the whole territory of Lithuania to this Centre.

Resuscitation and intensive therapy are provided for children who have experienced serious trauma or other life threatening conditions. The Hospital Emergency Team safely and efficiently collects these urgent cases from Vilnius, Alytus and Utena County Hospitals and rapidly transports them to the Children’s Hospital, where every year doctors save more than 1,500 children.

Since its creation, and with a staff of devoted and highly trained oncohematologists, the Bone Marrow Transplantation Section of the Children’s Hospital has performed 115 bone marrow transplant operations and has been able to match outcomes and results to other European centres. Both The Hospice Care and Day Stationary Sections are well equipped and operated by talented, highly qualified and compassionate staff.

During their hospital stay, children are offered various educational, cultural and fun activities. They are able to continue their education, or play, read and listen to music. Frequent festivals and concerts are provided during which popular singers and actors perform. Various concerts featuring young mentors continually engage the children and teach paper art, drawing and handicrafts. Many of the hospital offices are decorated with the children’s work and many items are given as valued gifts to visiting guests. Every year a St. Casimir Fair is held in the Oncohematology Department and is extremely popular with children, visitors and staff alike.

The Children’s Hospital consciously strives to create and sustain a warm and supportive environment for the children being treated as well as their parents and relatives. It is a testament to the dedication and devotion of the total hospital staff, starting from the administration, through to the medical personnel and right down to the support staff and mentors, that the hospital has been able to create such a wonderful reputation for creating an atmosphere of care and warmth for young patients often facing difficult situations.

Since the importance of art therapy in helping children recover sooner and fostering a warmer hospital experience is amply demonstrated, the Children’s Hospital maintains close ties and involvement with various community artists.

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