The Children’s Hospital (Vilnius University Santaros Clinics) is known as a healthcare institution with the most qualified specialists who are ready to help and attend to all children who are ill or in pain at any time of the day. Like so many other public institutions, the hospital struggles financially seeking to acquire and implement the most modern medical technologies. Over the last decade global medical technologies have developed at an incredible pace. Thanks to numerous conferences and professional exchange programs, local medical staff have been able to follow this progress and are eager to learn and apply the most modern procedures, therapies, methodologies, and medicines with the help of innovative equipment and technologies.

In order to support the ambitions and best professional intentions of the staff, the hospital established CHARITY FUND OF VILNIUS UNIVERSITY CHILDREN‘S HOSPITAL. It aims to:

  • support the Children’s Hospital and other organizations that offer medical training and educational programs;
  • improve the material assets and infrastructure of the Children’s Hospital (reconstruction of premises, acquisition of new equipment, etc.);
  • advocate for the support of the Children Hospital and its medical staff;
  • encourage initiatives directly or indirectly related to the medical treatment of children;
  • fund treatment of children with rare and complicated diseases;
  • collect charitable funds and other financial support, while also ensuring the proper distribution of these funds;
  • be open to all types of support for the Children’s hospital, its medical staff and related activities.

The Children’s Hospital Support Fund is currently engaged in the following activities:

  • Collects and accumulates funds for the reconstruction of its premises, purchase of new equipment, medicine and other means essential for the organization of medical treatment, nursing and general administration of the hospital.
  • Supports necessary educational trips and professional conferences for the medical staff of the hospital.
  • Organizes professional exchange projects at other hospitals and clinics in Lithuania, Europe and worldwide for doctors and nurses of the hospital.
  • Facilitates training and education.
  • Collects scientific books and methodology materials on medical treatment of children.
  • Prepares, publishes and distributes information, educational material, books, newspapers, magazines, videos, booklets related to the activities of the hospital.
  • Organizes seminars, trainings, meetings, surveys, conferencies and similar events.
  • Participates in tenders, executes and implements projects.
  • Takes part in the activities of various healthcare and medical organizations, cooperates with municipal and state institutions, private and corporate entities in relation to joint projects and common infrastructure.
  • Participates in charity and support projects.
  • Carries out other activities directly related to the objectives of the Children’s Hospital.

Contact us:

Director Olga Zimanaite
Mob. +370 68722526

Legal entity‘s code: 303047517
Account No. LT 307300010135084529 Swedbank, AB


2021 03 09