2013-02-01 Vilnius Children’s Hospital thanks Children’s Medical Foundation of Central and Eastern Europe for significant help

Children’s Medical Foundation of Central and Eastern Europe (USA) has been collaborating with Children‘s Hospital since 2008. On that year director of the foundation Anne van Gilson visited Vilnius, Children’s Hospital and Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Klinikos Cardiac Surgery Centre.

After this and the second visit by the director of the foundation in 2009, $7,000 dollars were allocated to the Children’s Hospital for equipment purchase while this year a $5,000-dollar grant was obtained, and two doctors from Children’s Hospital, namely urologist Dr. Gilvydas Verkauskas and children’s surgeon Gintas Pošiūnas were granted a scholarship for a two-week traineeship in Poland (Department of Prof. A. Kaminski), guided by one of the best and the most widely known paediatric surgeons in the world Dr. Craig Lillehei from Boston, USA, where participation in a single congress of their speciality was paid for each of them. Both G. Pošiūnas and G. Verkauskas found this scholarship very efficient in improving their surgical skills and for the development of collaboration with Polish and American colleagues.

In January, 2010, a resectoscope was purchased with the acquired funds for the Children’s urology unit, while in September, 2012, an ureteroscope was bought. Both unique paediatric instruments have been several times used saving lives and improving severe conditions of our smallest patients.

Children’s Medical Foundation of Central and Eastern Europe (USA) raises funds and supports children’s hospitals or units in the Central and Eastern regions of Europe. It also buys equipment for operating-rooms, intensive care and single-purpose units.

Before allocating funds to any of the institutions, their representatives at least twice visit the institution they want to support, familiarise with it, communicate with the authorities and employees of the hospital, discuss the results of their visits with their colleagues in USA and come to a decision on giving a grant and signing a contract.

The foundation actively supervises the execution of the agreement, the reports on the use of the purchased equipment being prepared every six months.

Currently the foundation is working with 8 children’s hospitals in Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and recently with Children’s Hospital in Vilnius.

Photo. From the left urologist Dr. G. Verkauskas, Anne van Gilson, director’s advisor O. Zimanaitė and a children’s surgeon G. Pošiūnas.

2012-10-17 Collegiality and generosity of colleagues from the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, UK.

Invited by G. Verkauskas, chief of the Department of Paediatric Urology, Consultant Paediatric Urologist Mr. R. Maximilian Cervellione and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr. Tahir Khan from the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital came to help our specialists to perform a complicated redo reconstructive surgery of bladder exstrophy. Bladder exstrophy is a rare congenital anomaly with an incidence in Lithuania once or even less per year. Even in the centres with biggest experience it is associated with numerous long term complications. The operation includes bladder and abdominal wall reconstruction with pelvic osteotomies and requires at least one month immobilisation in a hospital with ureteral and bladder stents. Immobilisation by traction or spica cast, used previously in our hospital was associated with significant discomfort for a child and parents. Colleagues from Manchester taught to perform external fixation as well as the technique of bladder reconstruction used in the Centre of Excellence.

It took 6 hours for the alternating teams of urologists (R.M. Cervellione and G. Verkauskas) and orthopaedists (T. Khan and S. Bernotas) to successfully accomplish all steps of reconstruction and fixation. Our guests were very happy with anaesthesia guided by the chief of the Department of Anaesthesiology V. Daugelavicius, including epidural and central venous catheters, blood transfusion, etc. and the assistance of scrub nurses R. Alisauskiene and T. Babiceva. Postoperative care in the Department of Intensive Care and in the Department of Urology went without complications and the child was discharged home 6 weeks after surgery. There are still many things to correct but this step was of paramount importance.

2010-06-09 The Vilnius Univeristy Children’s Hospital thanks the Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. And The Shuhei Ogita Fund

The Vilnius University Children’s Hospital is extremely grateful for the continuing support of both the Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. and the Shuhei Ogita Fund of Japan. For the last ten years these institutions have been providing OK-432 (Picibanil), used in the treatment of lymphagioma, and have thereby enabled the Vilnius University Children’s Hospital to be the only hospital in Lithuania able to treat patients with sclerotherapy when using this medicine.

The mission of the Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. is to provide exceptional value through the creation of innovative medical products and services and benefit human health around the world.

More about company and fund:

Sclerotherapy procedure in Vilnius University Children Hospital

2010-06-01 The Vilnius University Children’s Hospital thanks all donors who gave support in 2009.

The Vilnius University Children’s Hospital is grateful to all the institutions, organizations and individuals who donated items, ranging from medications and medical supplies and equipment, to computer equipment, furnishings and fixtures as well as toys, books and paintings in addition to direct financial support. In 2009 such total generosity exceeded a value of 1,000,000 Lt in material goods and over 580,000 Lt in direct financial contributions was received from the following ….

JSC “Sanitas”,
JSC “Limedika”,
JSC “Novo Nordisk Pharma”,
JSC “Medicinos projektai”,
JSC “Abbot laboratories”,
JSC “Tamro”,
JSC “Medikona”,
JSC “Pharmalita”,
JSC “Bauer”,
JSC “Salmeda”,
SC “Sanitex”
JSC “Armila”
JSC “Nestle Baltics”
JSC “Berlin Chemie Menarini Baltic”
JSC “Vitafarma”
JSC “Vilandra”
JSC “Evomeda”
JSC “Viltechmeda”
JSC “Pardavimo automatai”
JSC “Sanofi-Aventis”
JSC “Roche Lietuva”
JSC “Studio Moderna”
JSC “Polsana”
JSC “Graina”
JSC “Pharma Swiss”
JSC “Ilsanta”
JSC “Omnitel”
JSC “Fortis Energy”
Novartis Pharma Services Inc.
KRKA Tovarna zdravil, D.D. (Slovenia)
OY Medinet International
JSC “Glaxosmithkline Lietuva”
JSC “Airimedus”
The Legal Firm of “Jurevicius, Bartkus & Partners”

The Vilnius University Children’s Hospital is deeply thankful for the annual material and financial support of these various charity and support funds and public institutions ….

The Rheumatic Children Support Fund
The Lithuanian Children with Kidney Diseases Fund
Children with Neural Diseases Charity and Support Fund
The British-Lithuanian Children Fund
The Vytautas Kernagis Fund
Parents and Foster-Parents Society “Consolation”
The Charity and Support Fund “Mother’s Union”
The Mstislav Rostropovich Fund “Help for Lithuanian Children”
The V. Dambrava Support Fund “Adneda”
“Lithuanian Children Hope” Los Angeles Department
Vilnius International Women Association
The Vilnius Club
The Consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand
Humana People to People Baltic
Children’s Medical Foundation (USA)
J.B. Arquitectura Ferial S.L. (Italy)
The VU Oncology Institute
Hospital of Lithuanian Univers